Maintaining Your AC – Considerations to Take

Maintaining Your AC – Considerations to Take

It’s hot and sticky. The kids are splayed out on the floor with their arms spread wide… trying to catch any free air available. Even with the AC on, everyone’s movement seems to be affecting the house, and the family dog lays in a lump in the corner of the living room. Ah yes, it’s summertime. And hopefully, your AC will behave like a reliable companion and keep everyone cool. In order to reap the most significant benefits from your AC this summer, it might help to know some things you can do and also considerations to take if you’re dealing with your HVAC in Knoxville.

Some Maintenance You Can Do Yourself

Adding a to-do to your home checklist reminding you to review your HVAC Knoxville unit can ultimately save you time, money, and hassle of unnecessary service calls. If you’re not quite ready to call a professional for a regular visit, there are some matters you can try to take into your own hands. Some checklist items you can do yourself include –

  • Cleaning the Air Vents - This one’s pretty easy, and you could even enlist a handy kid looking to make a couple of bucks on a chore around the house. This task works best before even starting up your system for the year. Check all vents and remove dust and debris buildup.
  • Cleaning the Filters - Make sure to add a reminder every 12-18 months for this one. If you ever look at an old, dirty filter after its use, you won’t question why you should replace it. They’re trapping all the debris you wouldn’t want traveling into your lungs.
  • Inspect the Fan Blades - Making sure that your fan blades aren’t cracked, chipped, or somehow damaged keeps your HVAC Knoxville system working optimally.
  • Checking Drip Pans - If your unit contains a drip pan, make sure it’s intact and not overflowing with condensation. You can use a washcloth to soak up the wetness and silicone caulking if you need to seal up any cracks or damage.

When to Hire a Professional

Even if you have a handy person willing to get their hands dirty with some AC maintenance tasks, there are times when an HVAC Knoxville expert will need to be called. Specific tasks should be left to the professionals to check. Some things include -

  • Checking the refrigerant levels to ensure they’re at the correct amounts. No matter how handy you are, this may be something an expert could weigh in on better than you.
  • Testing for leaks. Professionals will use a leak detector to ensure the system remains free of refrigerant leaks. And it’s not likely you happen to have one of those detectors sitting in your garage collecting dust.
  • Look for any other leaking within the system. If you’re not an HVAC Knoxville pro, you may not know precisely what you’re looking for besides some possible rogue drips.
  • Examine all connections. Keeping all of the system’s connections tight assures you’re running in tip-top shape. An expert knows exactly what to look for and how to avoid accidentally zapping themselves.
  • Examine belts and motors for wear and tear. Proactively ensuring nothing will snap or erode could prevent you from experiencing an unnecessary breakdown on the hottest day of the year.

Warranty Considerations

One word of caution when it comes to trying to maintain your HVAC Knoxville unit… consider any warranty implications! If your unit is under warranty, you risk voiding it by taking matters into your own hands in certain situations.

  • Even if you inspect your AC unit annually, if your system is under warranty, you need to ensure that an HVAC Knoxville company, such as Gent Heating and Cooling, performs annual maintenance to keep the warranty intact.
  • Do not ever relocate your unit! If somehow the other back corner of your house seems like an ideal spot, don’t think you can just up and move it. Doing so would void your warranty in the vast majority of situations.
  • Keep your DIY service to the simple maintenance tasks (like cleaning the vents or looking for wear and tear). When you encounter issues that require actual servicing, make sure you hire a reliable HVAC Knoxville company to come out and perform the service. Trying to do fixes yourself can void the warranty.

When thinking about warranties, it’s always best to check the manufacturer’s website for their specific requirements. And don’t forget to keep all paperwork on file just in case you ever need to cash in that warranty.

Now that we’re in the height of summer, all those AC units out there are working hard to evenly temperature control every air-conditioned indoor space. To reap the most benefits from these workhorses, pairing some proactive measures on your part paired with enlisting experts when needed will help you maintain your cool until it’s time to switch to your heating system in the fall.


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