Useful HVAC Tips to Prepare Your Home for the Holidays

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We are just about a few weeks away from Christmas and New Year 2022. There are several plans people have for holidays and going to their relative’s places. If you are expecting people over for Christmas or New Year, it is time to start preparing some delicious mouth-watering dishes and meals for the guests. Also, you need to get your home ready for the guests.

You remembered to get those bedsheets cleaned and to tidy up your home to welcome the guests, but what about the HVAC system? Most people tend to overlook the HVAC system when preparing their homes for the holiday season. Before the guests arrive, it is crucial that the HVAC system at your home should be running efficiently.

The comfort of your guests is really important, and that’s not just limited to good food. Imagine you have cooked some tasty and appetizing food for the guests. Everything is set on the dining table and suddenly the HVAC system blows out. This would not have happened if you had hired a professional HVAC Knoxville company to get your HVAC system inspected ahead of time.

Here are some useful HVAC tips that will make sure that the guests are comfortable at your home during their stay.

Cleaning the Dusty Areas

Cleaning your home properly to get rid of the dust is essential before the guests come over to stay. Identify those dusty areas at home and clean them thoroughly to eliminate the dust. It is crucial to remove as much dust as possible from your home so that it does not enter the HVAC system and impact its performance. Of course, no one can remove 100 percent dust, but it is essential to get as close as possible. Getting rid of the dust at home means your guests will get clean air to breathe.

Cleaning the HVAC Vents

Once you have cleaned the most common areas at home, it is time to move to the vents. For cleaning the HVAC vents, you may need the help of an expert HVAC Knoxville professional. Get the HVAC vents removed completely and wash them on both the sides – front and back, as dust tends to get accumulated here. Getting the vents cleaned by an HVAC Knoxville expert means improved indoor air quality and seamless functioning of the HVAC system. You may instead want to consider booking a duct cleaning appointment to deep clean your ducts.

Replacing the Air filters

With so much dusting and cleaning in the house, it is likely that the air filters are clogged with a lot of dust particles. Replacing the air filters with help from an HVAC Knoxville expert can improve the air quality. Also, a new set of air filters keep the HVAC system running more efficiently. It is a good idea to swap out those old dirty air filters with new ones before the guests arrive.

Getting a Quick HVAC Evaluation

It is a wise decision to get a quick HVAC inspection done from a local HVAC Knoxville company. This will ensure complete peace of mind about the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system before the guests come home for Christmas and New Years.

Reduce the Thermostat

The holiday season involves a lot of cooking in the kitchen and using the oven for baking cakes and cookies. This causes a lot of heat in the indoor environment. In order to reduce the electricity bills, it is important to reduce the thermostat before cooking or if you are going to the market, and even when not at home. This helps to reduce the electricity bills significantly.

Keeping in mind the comfort of guests at home, it is best to get your HVAC system at home inspected by a reliable HVAC Knoxville company.


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